Axe of God is a series of twelve prints begun in 1984 and completed in 2013 in time for the artist's retrospective exhibition. It is a response to events in the artist's life and in the world and an attempt to extend the range of what wood engraving allows itself to do. The prints are available individually in an edition of 60  or as a boxed set in an edition of 40, 20 of which were prepared in the first instance.  The boxes also contain notes on the origins of the imagery.

The Play of Pericles is a full set of the engravings for the book published by Barbarian Press, British Columbia, in 2009. The book contained some 98 images on over 140 blocks. One of the blocks broke in the course of printing which limited any editioning to the 21 prints already taken before the blocks went to Canada. There are therefore 21 solander boxes presenting the entire set engravings on 60 signed and numbered sheets.